Monday, August 27, 2007


Her subtle but well-composed outfit exudes class. Check out the neckerchief!
- Sarah

I just wanted to point out how crucial the aforementioned neckerchief is. It's Little Additions like these that elevate an outfit from a reliable get-up to something else a bit more visionary.

These details enourage others to wonder what era or style icon you're referencing, thus highlighting your unique take on these inspirations. In this particular case, I'm loving the demure tying of the neckerchief to further the sexy subtlety of the outfit.
- Matthew


Dave said...

the cut of the waistcoat really shows off her figure well. and i like the neckerchief too.

dave ::

Gregory said...

love this look! she looks hot.

Candid Cool said...

The neckerchief is good, but I'm more interested in the jeans & what appears to be a super comfy tank.

sophie said...

shes cute

Nicole I said...