Friday, August 31, 2007


I have nothing.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Grunge is making a huge comeback, just ask London.
- Sarah

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Her sweet blonde bob and elegant head scarf are reminiscent of Mia Farrow in the late 60's. Gorgeous!
- Sarah

Monday, August 27, 2007


Her subtle but well-composed outfit exudes class. Check out the neckerchief!
- Sarah

I just wanted to point out how crucial the aforementioned neckerchief is. It's Little Additions like these that elevate an outfit from a reliable get-up to something else a bit more visionary.

These details enourage others to wonder what era or style icon you're referencing, thus highlighting your unique take on these inspirations. In this particular case, I'm loving the demure tying of the neckerchief to further the sexy subtlety of the outfit.
- Matthew

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello all,
I just wanted to apologize for the recent lack of updates. Last week, I got into a minor car accident and my car's been in the shop for a week. As such, we've been struggling to gather new material. Give us another day or so and we should be back up and running.
Thanks so much,

Monday, August 20, 2007


It's kinda no surprise this guy fronts a rock band. While the combination of a tie and a short-sleeve button-down can come off a bit Avril Lavigne faux-punk, one perhaps only needs the pedigree to back it up. (As for myself, I'd steer way clear of that particular combination.)

As far as the mismatching of shoes and belt debate going on, I have to agree that mismatching is often "plain tacky," indie folks being quite prone to it. However, shoes and a belt that contrast as much as these do aren't a particularly egregious example of mismatching, and it doesn't bother me in this case. Colors shouldn't be simplified down to just "brown" or "black." You feel me?

Question: Does not putting my two cents in immediately, or less commentary, encourage discussion?

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Notice the man's face is also a naked woman!
- Sarah

Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer 2007 226

Irridescent gold cardigan and black rain boots. What's more Miami than being prepared for the club AND hurricane season?

Ostensibly he's s a scholar, too. Ay, papi!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


This couple actually refused to let us take their picture. But we did it anyway. They looked that good.

The guy looks like an extra from Underworld, in a good way, with his slicked-back hair doing a lot of the work. His pointy leather shoes and slim-cut jeans recall a dressed-down take take on the look pioneered by London rock band The Horrors.

The girl's dress is demure and sophisticated with well-placed pockets and poofy sleeves that give it a bit of shape. And her bag! So refreshing from the tired Louis Vuitton status quo. And it complements her man's outfit. Win/win.

P.S. Thanks to Stuck on the Palmetto, Critical Miami, and Miami Nights for giving us nods for the Herald article. And special thanks to Alesh for contributing to it. All three blogs are linked on the right. Check them out.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Future of 2LL

Hello! First off, we would like to thank Jaweed Kaleem and The Miami Herald for running a story on our humble blog. We appreciate all of the positive feedback... as well as the haters. Both fuel our determination to document this city's unique cultural style. And don't forget to check out the slide-show on the Herald's website to hear Thompson's articulation talents.

We have a lot in store for the next few weeks. We're working with a graphic designer to remodel the site as well as developing various t-shirt designs. That being said, we're looking for potential advertisers to feature on 2LL. If interested, please shoot us an e-mail.

Also, to clarify a point from today's article, Sarah Attias is not only a contributor to 2LL but also a founding member. As she was in Panama during the writing of the article and photo shoot, we'd like to post her picture so readers can get an idea of the creativity she brings daily to her clothing and 2LL.


And as ever, let us know if you're interesting in working on the blog.

305 love,
The 2LL Crew

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer 2007 229

A classic fedora is always a win!
- Sarah

I love his use of color. From across the dance floor he probably looks like another monochromatic play-it-safe hipster but the black, obsidian, and shiny grey make this ensemble a true spectral delight.

Matthew pointed out that this gentleman takes style cues from across the decades; I couldn't agree with him more. The fedora is a very 30's piece, the cardigan is pure 70's, and the cut-offs are 00's. The icing is a totally rad tat.
- Thompson

Monday, August 13, 2007

2LL’s Guide to the East Village, NYC

For as long as I’ve been regularly visiting my brother in New York City, he has lived near the East Village. Offering a welcomed alternative to the tourist-choked streets of Soho and the student-choked streets of Greenwich Village, the East Village feels legit. Here you can find cooks, hipsters, artists, junkies, punks, designers, skaters, curators, musicians, and thugs, many of them falling into more than one category. There also happens to be a superb selection of unique shopping opportunities and enough restaurants (Dumpling Man, Murray’s Falafel and Grill) and diversions (Giant Robot, Tompkins Square Park) to make it an experience. I threw this together to highlight the best of the best the East Village has to offer. Enjoy.

Famous Friends/FF The Showroom:




Famous Friends is owned and operated by an extremely warm, enthusiastic and helpful individual named Richard. His cutting-edge inventory features designers such as Mjörn and Snooz as well as a plethora of other promising design talent.

Two storefronts down from Famous Friends is FF The Showroom (watched over by a friendly Japanese fellow) which exhibits full collections of both casualwear and dressier items while their main location offers a similar experience. From time to time, Famous Friends also holds sales, which take place in The Showroom, where you can find items significantly marked-down.

I expressed to Richard that I was interested in opening a boutique in Miami to bring a lot of the more fashion forward labels to the 305. He suggested I start with A.P.C. Fair enough. Be sure to check Richard's ill shop out.

Famous Friends is located at 616 East 9th Street





Finding Den randomly was probably the most pleasant surprise of my trip as I it happened on a day I was feeling particularly homesick. Odin has two locations, one in the East Village and one in Soho, and stocks everything from designer denim to Oliver Spencer shoes to Comme de Garçons fragrances to Lomography cameras.

Den, an expansion of Odin located right next door, seemed to be in flux but altogether I liked the vibe more (props to Mike). Originally meant to showcase one brand at a time (a really awesome idea), their first featured brand was Cheap Monday. This is unfortunate as Cheap Monday jeans can now be picked up at your local Urban Outfitters. When I went back to the store a day or so later, it had become a clearance room.

Still, of all the shops I visited, Den offered clothes which most appealed to me.

Den is located at 330 East 11th Street

Argosy/Bobby 2000:




These two stores are so similar that I find it hard to believe they are not affiliated. You’ll often hear a lot of vintage storeowners complaining about how the Japanese are buying all the best pieces, as they are willing to pay higher prices and pay students to find them. Well no doubt some of the pieces end up here.

Both shops feature the best collection of pre-loved tees I’ve ever seen as well as vintage jeans, western shirts, collared shirts, jackets, sweaters, and kicks. Prices are reasonable and just straddle the line between high-end boutique and Flamingo Plaza.

Also, across the street from Argosy is a thrift shop more like the latter, if that’s your thing. Bobby 2000 also stocks some solid-color Alternative Apparel tees that are so soft, they might as well be vintage. Bypass St. Mark’s and head for these shops.

Argosy is located at 428 East 9th Street
Bobby 2000 is located at 104 East 7th Street

Also be sure to check out Seven New York, located in Soho and one of the only shops to carry Pleasure Principle, the illest underground label on the scene and a 2LL favorite:


Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Leave it to a New Yorker to upstage us Miamians on our own turf. Mr. I's (that's really his name) outfit (no, really, it is) references both contemporary skater culture and the birth of hip-hop in his home town. He's also sporting a dope ass fade that looked so fresh, so clean, it's hard to put into words. Also completely refreshing was Mr. I's enthusiasm to have his picture taken. He was confident and proud, something more Miami peoples need to incorporate into their style.

Seeing this dude was a perfect send-off for me as I'm taking a rather untimely trip to New York City over the weekend. Still, I'll get to sit in Tompkins Square Park with a cup of coffee and watch the skaters get ill, probably one of my favorite things in the world. Look out for some possible reports from outside Dade County.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Mary Poppins is lookin' pretty fly these days.
- Sarah

We were convinced that this woman was wearing a summer dress but, upon closer inspection, we realize that she was actually wearing a top and skirt. The angular lines of the neck line and collar contrast nicely with the flowing, rounded skirt. The thin material of the shirt and the more opaque long skirt strike a great balance between mature sexiness and summer comfort. She has chosen a great pair of shoes and a wild pair of glasses to break up the solid colors. A radiant beauty.
- Thompson

Monday, August 06, 2007


Do we like this?
- Matthew

Yes, we do like this. It strikes me as girlish and care-free; two things one doesn't encounter often on the summer streets of Miami. Her blouse and sandals are built for comfort while the headband is just plain cute. Every once in a while it's nice to get a break from the booty shorts and bikini tops.
- Thompson

Sunday, August 05, 2007


As always, I respect any Miamian that sweats for his or her look. And this dude must be sweating. The combination of a long sleeve button-down and sleeveless sweater vest makes for a dapper [the best word - Ed.] look which, guys, is often the way to go. Extra points for the sharp rolling up of the sleeves. My only minor quibble is the wash of his jeans but I'm a bit biased.

On another note, there's a lot in store for 2LL in the near future. The team and our affiliates are working on a variety of things including a redesigning of the website as well as some 2LL t-shirt designs we've been kicking about. We're also going to be featured in some local publications very soon. More on that to come! As always, thanks for reading and supporting Miami street style.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Me thinks we should put her right under our logo. :{)
- Matthew

This little lady is clearly the definition of our website.
- Sarah

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Stay gold, ponyboy.
- Thompson

Her shirt is hand-painted as well, taking a bare-knuckled five hours to complete.
- Matthew

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The importance of wearing well-cut clothing can not be overstated. This man's outfit isn't especially stylish but it looks good because it's been tailored to fit him. The tan shirt and gold-rimmed aviators remind me of a military man in North Africa circa 1942.

Also notable is the reflection in the glass giving us a glimpse at a 2LL correspondent. Coincidentally, the mystery correspondent's outfit references our protagonist's outfit not only in terms of color scheme but also in style. Good fashion sense can be possessed by anyone at any age.
- Thompson