Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Leave it to a New Yorker to upstage us Miamians on our own turf. Mr. I's (that's really his name) outfit (no, really, it is) references both contemporary skater culture and the birth of hip-hop in his home town. He's also sporting a dope ass fade that looked so fresh, so clean, it's hard to put into words. Also completely refreshing was Mr. I's enthusiasm to have his picture taken. He was confident and proud, something more Miami peoples need to incorporate into their style.

Seeing this dude was a perfect send-off for me as I'm taking a rather untimely trip to New York City over the weekend. Still, I'll get to sit in Tompkins Square Park with a cup of coffee and watch the skaters get ill, probably one of my favorite things in the world. Look out for some possible reports from outside Dade County.

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