Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Mary Poppins is lookin' pretty fly these days.
- Sarah

We were convinced that this woman was wearing a summer dress but, upon closer inspection, we realize that she was actually wearing a top and skirt. The angular lines of the neck line and collar contrast nicely with the flowing, rounded skirt. The thin material of the shirt and the more opaque long skirt strike a great balance between mature sexiness and summer comfort. She has chosen a great pair of shoes and a wild pair of glasses to break up the solid colors. A radiant beauty.
- Thompson


martha is godd said...

that's my boss!!!!!!! hi LC!

Candid Cool said...


Dizzydel said...

My boss is soo fly!
Hi Loretta!!! I like the dress!

Nicole I said...

Is this the lady from the Sopranos ?