Monday, September 03, 2007


For a while I've thought there to be a distinctly Miami look which I've always described as the "Miami streetkid" look. It's a little hood, a little punk, and a lot of attitude. To me, it's a lot of the arts school kids from DASH and New World rocking jeans or pants or even shorts, looser tops, and dreadlocks.

Hip-hop has become such an integral part of Miami culture (props to Trick Daddy, we remember "Nann") that even indie kids don't dare not bring that don't-fuck-with-me attitude. And this certainly comes through in their choice of clothing, no doubt.

Above is a very loose example of the "Miami streetkid" look as I see it. The bandanna is an ill Little Addition and the skull tat lets people know he's not playing. I think he looks great.

PS. 2LL will likely become a Monday-Friday thang to allow us time to go to school and become smarter.
- Matthew

Anyone notice the sweet double-layerd vest action??
- Sarah


Nicole I said...

browns are allowed ?

Eggs McDuffle said...

This outfit really needs a wooden chair to complete the look.

Candid Cool said...

Nice vest.